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Welcome!  Little Duck Farms is a third-generation family farming operation producing top-quality Georgia pecans, American Welfare Approved and American Grass-fed Approved pasture-raised beef, and a few vegetables for our neighbors!  We are excited to be American Animal Welfare aproved and American Grassfed Association members!   We are using less chemicals and enriching our soil by using a more sustainable approach to farming. We are going back to our roots, literally, and adding natural and organically certified nutrients to our soil. Our orchards, pastures and gardens are happier and healthier! We offer the finest pecans for sale, carefully tended by "Big Duck" and his helpers - well there's me, I'm just "mama", and our darlin' (grown) children: Travis "little duck" Dorsey our Entomologist complete with his Master's degree, and is the head duck behind our logo; Emily "little red deer" Dorsey Drew, and her sweet husband our duck-in-law Sam and our first GRANDDUCK Henry, we LOVE him!!! And, she is studying to be a nurse practitioner; Liza "red boots" Dorsey, has her masters in Drawing & Painting living and painting in Asheville, NC; and Joe "big papoose" just graduated ARMY boot camp and is headed to Airborne school and has a RANGER contract!!  These are names given to each child as we played in the woods by the Withlacoochee River on the farm. Of course, we couldn't do without "Big Duck's'" right hand men, Jeff  "Junior Duck"  Bristol, also a second-generation farmer, Jermaine "Yep Duck" Cooper, Robert "What's up duck" Hester, and Jimmy "Jim Dawg Duck" Browning.

Our family feels enormous pride in offering you the most carefully harvested, freshest and finest pecans, pecan products, vegetables and pasture-raised beef  South Georgia offers. We encourage you to buy the products you love from a third generation American farm family, including salted pecans and much more.  Please help support American Agriculture by making the Dorsey family farm the source for all of your pecan needs. We invite you to come enjoy the beauty of our home, Dorsey Farms, home of Little Duck Farms.