Great Grandma Duck's Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving!!!

It's here it's here!!  We are baking Great Grandma Dorsey's mouthwatering pecan pie in our new "cottage kitchen"!  Aunt Lenny Duck, our almost graduated with her Culinary Arts degree chef, is rolling out FROM SCRATCH  her special recipe pastry and filling with yummy pecan pie goodness!  We are selling from the farm store just give us a call 229-455-3071 and keep on the lookout on our website when we figure out how to ship it to you we will! 

  At this time of the year I am so thankful for our wonderful customers!!  And, I am thankful for my family and friends and for the chance to gather around the family table and pig out on turkey, dressing and sweet potaoes!!  Then we will cut into our pecan pies!!! YUM!  I and sending good vibes your way and hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day!  Here's to coffee in the morning with homemade bisquits whilr curled up on the sofa watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!!