How to load five trucks when your forklift "broke down"!

How to load five trucks when your forklift "broke down"!

Posted by Mama duck on 9th Nov 2018

Hahaha and hello!  We are back sweeping, blowing, harvesting, drying and shelling PECANS!  All of the ducks at little duck farms are flying around in tractors and we have the dust and mud stirred up!  This weather is crazy and we are running in and out of the rain, but the on-farm store is open and we are filling orders, baking pies, roasting pecans and making "pecaroons" our version of a macaroon using pecan flour.  SIMPLY TO DIE FOR!  We will have them on the website soon as well as a new "Firequacker" pecan that will blow you away!  Even though harvest is a crazy time of the year and the weather is tragic, it is my favorite time!  The sky is a deeper, beautiful blue (that is when its not raining) and the air just smells like earth and dirt and cows and fall.  

Yesterday was a bottleneck of semi trucks vying for position at our loading dock to load out big super sacks of pecans and Jermaine "Yep" duck was spinning around the warehouse on a loaner forklift that had sissie tires on it so he had to do some fancy driving!  Got stuck three times with the sissie tires spinning and sinking in the dirt road!  Yes, I have video!  

Fun was had by all at little duck farms!

Y'all come see us; we will have the pie ready!