Hi to all my pecan lovers out there!!  Yahoo we are achoo-ing!!  So happy to be sneezing because this means the pecan trees should be getting a good pollination for a great 2019 crop!  As anyone who knows me definitely knows I AM THE ETERNAL OPTIMIST!!!!  As pecan trees are wind pollinated versus our little friend the bee pollinator, we depend on beautiful sunny, windy spring days in the orchards for our little baby pecan buds to get some of that miracle pollen .  We really won't know until June how our crop will look, and hopefully our pecan tree friends are coming out of three stressful seasons from the horrendous hurricanes who shall remain nameless.  I just know it's going to be a great crop!!  But, if the Good Lord above sends another storm our way, we will "hunker down" like the good Bulldawgs we are and put our "big girl/boy panties on" and roll with it!  Lots of generational farmers who have tended orchards for years and years lost their livelihood and income producing pecan orchards!  Time will tell how long it will take to bounce back as this past season was the first in forever that Georgia wasn't the highest pecan producing state by hundreds of thousands of pounds! It takes 10 years for a pecan tree to begin production and that is a long time to wait for a farmer!  So, the moral of this story is love your farmer, support your farmer and buy from your farmer!!  We are really good, honest and hardworking  people, I promise....just look in my laundry room and see how much laundry detergent, Shout and Borax I use to get the dirt, grease, cow poop, grass stains, mud, and other stinky stuff out of Big Duck's extra tall man's jeans!!!  Thanks for checking in and come see us if you are in the neighborhood...we will leave the light on...oh we may put you to work now that I think about it!!!