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Candied Nuts

  • "Snow Snack" Pecans
    $12.50 "Snow Snack" Pecans
    Delicious roasted and salted pecan halves---tossed in organic butter and drizzled with fresh, local honey and rolled in powdered sugar!!!

  • Cinnamon Spiced Pecans 1 lb
    $9.95 Cinnamon Spiced Pecans 1 lb
    Delicious one pound bag of cinnamon and sugar coated pecans, just the right amount of sweet, nutty, "cinnamon-y" flavor! Your tastebuds will be so happy when they bite into this pecan that reminds you of warm,...

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans 1 lb.
    $9.95 Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans 1 lb.
    For the dark chocolate lover-one pound delicious dark chocolate covered pecans! Treat yourself to a package of delicious dark chocolate covered pecans for a healthy heart! 

  • Milk Chocolate Covered Pecans 1 lb.
    $9.95 Milk Chocolate Covered Pecans 1 lb.
    Extremely addictive milk chocolate covered pecans in a one pound bag! You will be very popular if you gift these yummy Chocolate covered pecans!

  • Pecan Brittle 1/2 lb.
    $6.50 Pecan Brittle 1/2 lb.
    Delicious Pecan Brittle in a one half pound bag!Tastes just like Grandma Dorsey's and brings back memories of her pulling the candy on her white and blue speckled "brittle" table on the back porch in Pitts, Georgia...

  • Pecan Pieces 1 lb.
    $8.95 Pecan Pieces 1 lb.
    1 pound bag of new crop Large "Desirable" Pecan Pieces for all of your pies and cookies! Pecan pieces for all of your cooking needs or to add to your favorite yogurt, granola or toast them and add to a...

  • Praline Pecans 1 lb.
    $9.95 Praline Pecans 1 lb.
    Southern praline pecans just like your Grandmama made in a one pound bag! Traditionally made from a recipe handed down from generation to generation, these praline pecans will melt in you mouth and make you look like...

  • Roasted and Salted Pecan Halves 1 lb.
    $12.95 Roasted and Salted Pecan Halves 1 lb.
    Mouth-watering roasted and salted pecan halves in 1 lb bag!   Our pecan are roasted with organic butter and sea-salt for you to enjoy by the handful!