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Farm N


    Good Morning from the farm!!  Thank you for a very busy pecan season!  we love all of our pecan customers!  We look forward to seeing your names come across our computer screen every year!

     A pecan farmer's work is never done and now we are giving the harvesting equipment some TLC and backing it up under the barns and dusting off the tree hedging and trimming equipment and taking it out to the orchards!  And, the grassfed calves are here!  We have had three calves born already!

Update:  Here's to the season of spraying our orchards with lots of minerals and fertilizers to keep the trees happy and healthy!! The tractors are rolling and the calves are growing and we have added our goat herd to our farm!  Jeff built a "redneck jungle gym" out of funny farm leftover equipment, telephone poles, and old trees!! Check us out on Instagram littleduckfarms 

Here's to a great new year on the farm and hope your little ideas turn into big ones, too!


Mama Duck and Aunt Duck

LittleDuck Farms